First blog post

I decided to that it was time to put myself out there, like many others have done before. I had been tinkering with the notion for a while. I started with uploading a handful of my paleo and nature photos to Imgur and gauging reactions. The reactions were kind and amusing. I was surprised. The internet had been such a volatile place of late. I needed a distraction from the negativity and a place to focus on my professional goals and hopefully engage with or inspire some like-minded  individuals.

So here I go! Please, have some patience with me. I am still learning. This layout is going to be changing dramatically as I spend more time getting to to know where everything is. There will be a mixture of original photographs, blog posts, and maybe the occasional video when I feel brave enough. I may also include a few images or links to some of my fellow colleagues or friends works (I met a wonderful local paleo illustrator this summer who is just starting her career)

This is a safe space to discuss new paleo developments, illustrations and renderings, and just for me to share my curiousities with the world.

A little about myself, I am a paleontology student at a leading Canadian University, not an expert in the field by any means (although I have access to several to them). So I will do my best to provide all references and source material where necessary. Any corrections to my posts will have credit given where due. I do strongly believe in collaboration in science. 🙂 I think that covers just about everything for now.

Thank you for joining me!



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