Paleo illustrator of the day!

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the artwork of a very talented Greer Stothers. I have a few of her postcards from attending the Canadian Paleontological Conference this year and received a Halloween card from her as well. It was absolutely spectacular! She spoke at the conference on ‘Tropes, Trends & Speculation in Paleoart’ and how important it was from an educational standpoint for artists and illustrators not to be easily persuaded by the old and outdated images and illustrations that often show up in searches for reference material.

What we now know about how these extinct critters look is actually quite different from how we once thought. Some dinosaurs had feathers, some we not skin-and-bones but were rather thick and chubby, and some were not smooth and green but rather bright and colourful. She gave quite an interesting talk and as such, won the 2016 Thomas E. Bolton award for best student presentation at the conference! A great honour!

I love to show off her risograph post-cards (Moschops, Skorpiovenator, Smilodon, and Zheyuanlong) to my friends when they visit. (I love to collect paleontology post cards) I also like to show the fantastic paleo illustrations and updated representations. She strives to stay away from the tropes of old and bring new actualizations to the paleo illustrative industry.

Here is the Halloween Card I got in the mail and a sample of the Smilodon and Mosochops post cards. Rather than post images I took my phone, I am using them directly from her website for quality purposes. She has Holiday cards in the works too, how exciting, can’t wait!

I have also included additional links to her websites as well.


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