Updates- What have I been doing?

Website/Blog/Article/Photography Update:

I apologize for the break in posting articles. I wish I had pre-written a few so I could have scheduled to have them release while I was on holidays (and then after sick with the flu). I will keep this in mind for the future and have a handful on stand-by for when I am unable to write. While I was sick, I did manage to upload some images to a ‘geology photography’ section of the website. I don’t have a team of people to work for me, so getting this site fully functional is taking a bit of time. Right now the photos are clumped in together without descriptions, but over time I plan to group them by project or location. Next up to be published will be some additional fossil photos. I have yet to promote any of my ‘professionally-shot-in-the-university-laboratory’ photos except for a handful of practice shots, as I am unsure of permissions required. I’m hoping that there won’t be an issue like I have run into with articles.

As this is my first website, it is a learning process. I had written a blog that drew attention to paleontology research that was published in December but have been waiting on permissions so that I do not find myself in any legal trouble. I have been successful in getting all of them, save for one, thus far. If I get impatient I may just leave that one out and publish my article on the others. I am fairly patient and can wait, especially if it saves me from having to pay to purchase the rights to post excerpts from the abstract or a few images. I suppose it is possible to just write what I like and be damned with the consequences but I like to be cautious so that I do not step on any toes, especially since I may one-day be contributing my own scientific research papers. I like the idea of having a monthly article that summarizes the paleontological research, as many contributions can get over-looked by the flashier news-grabbing headlines.

Other things that I am working on is the overall appearance of the website. I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with the current layout, as the photos at the top are currently on ‘random’ rather than appropriate to the page or article being displayed.

What else have I been up to?

  • I participated in the 2016 imgur.com ‘Get-a-Giraffe’ Secret Santa program. I was randomly assigned a stranger to buy a gift for, and someone was assigned to buy a gift for me. I sent out my gifts and they arrived on time. Unfortunately, whomever was assigned to me decided not to send anything (confirmed by imgur staff). I applied for the backup gift program, but have not heard back. I was a little sad, as 2016 was rough on me, but I was happy to make someone else’s day. She was grateful for all that I sent. I also sent a few fossils that I received at the 2016 Canadian Paleontological Conference in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Who doesn’t love fossils? I love to share my interests. That’s why I have this website after all.
  • I attended the Royal Ontario Museum for New Years Eve. It was their first New Years event and was phenomenal. I got to see the Chihuly exhibit before it left, drink alcohol with dinosaurs, and listen to some great music. I did not have a date but did socialize with some friendly people for a while. I took public transit home as far as I could and then a $63 Uber. It was an expensive night, but still cheaper than getting a hotel in Toronto on a holiday such as this.
  • I am a university student and classes have returned. This is one of my busiest semesters yet, with classes that conflict and take place at the same time. I am without Hermione’s time-travel aid, so have a lot of running/biking to do. I am nearing the completion of my studies, which is a little exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time.
  • I came down with the flu on the second day of classes. It hit hard and fast, by the end of the day I was immobilized in bed but luckily it did not last longer than a week. I have the flu-shot to thank for a speedy recovery. With a weakened immune system (asthma) I am normally down-and-out for 2-3 weeks for a simple flu. This time I am happy to escape complications. I have been debating spending the rest of this cold Canadian winter with a medical mask on my face. I am not sure how effective that would be.
  • I watched Fuller House, The first 4 seasons of Naruto, Vampire Knight, West World, Rogue One- A Star Wars Story, Max Steel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Moana, Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Mythica 1-4, and Bad Santa 2. I got caught up on Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Grey’s Anatomy, Blunt Talk, Red Dwarf, Van Helsing, MARVELS Agents of Shield, Lucifer, and The Librarians. I also saw the premiere of Emerald City which looks fantastic.

Anyways, I will be back to my regular posting schedule.

Current Schedule:

  • “What is it? Wednesday” I post a few pictures of a fossil or rock that I am examining. I am open to suggestions from the public in the form of public or private comments.
  • “Throwback Thursday” I pick a topic or question I have wondered about in the past and attempt to find an answer in the form of scientific research articles.
  • “Fossil Friday” is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Coming Soon- “Last Month in Paleo Research” is also pretty self-explanatory. This one takes a lot longer to write as I also read the scientific papers beforehand and requires permissions for usage.

*******I am also looking for more paleo-artists that wouldn’t mind a little ‘free promotion’ in exchange for letting me post a few images (3-5) and writing a short artist bio. If you are interested in being featured as my paleo-artist of the week please contact me! I would like to add it into my regularly scheduled posts.


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