What Happened to Curious Paleo?

Apologies for the hiatus. I should have posted an explanation much earlier. I have been quite busy with doctors over the past year and a bit. It all started with dislocating my jaw eating pizza, dislocating my patella pivoting, tearing my medial collateral ligament, then ended with tearing the ligaments and tendons in my wrists which took another 20 weeks to heal. What does any of this have to do with writing? Well, it is hard to focus when you are in pain. It is also hard to write without operational hands, not impossible, but not easy.

My amazing medical team of specialists and my physical therapist worked to get my back to my prior self. They even posited some theories on why I seemed to hit a string of bad luck. I have had joint hyper-mobility since I was a child, my knees rest ‘backwards’, my thumbs bend all the way back to my arms, and my fingers have always been a little more bendy than the average person.  Unfortunately, as we age, our connective tissues aren’t what they once were. It puts me at a slightly higher risk of tears and dislocations when I’m not paying attention. Not too debilitating, I just need to think before I act. Lift properly. Use proper footwear for the situation. Wear braces on my wrists when needed. Nothing out of the ordinary.

During the investigation into my pain and injuries, some MRI’s were conducted that revealed the source of my severe headaches and balance issues. I have an Arnold-Chiari Malformation. Without going into heavy details, the cerebellum of my brain is entering my spinal column and trying to exit my skull. Luckily, it was caught before permanent damage to my nervous system occurred. There may be no cure but there are options. Brain decompression surgery being one of them. Pain management and symptom management being another. Just a lesson in mortality I suppose.

I don’t plan on writing too often this semester as I ease myself back into the blog. I am completing my final semester before graduation, so I have a bit of an overloaded schedule. I was debating graduate studies as well, although my medical situation has had an impact on my cGPA so I may be looking for an entry-level work position alternatively. However, I will not be abandoning this website. There is more to come. I think it is important, now more than ever, to continue science-based blogs.

See you all soon!


P.S. Since it is Fossil Friday, I would like to show you the following.

Zuul 01

ROM Friday Night Live, June 2nd 2017. Zuul made its first public appearance and I was there to see some exciting pieces and speak with Dr. David Evans himself. 1/2


Zuul 02

ROM Friday Night Live, June 2nd 2017. Zuul made its first public appearance and I was there to see it and speak with Dr. David Evans. 2/2


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