Welcome to Curious Paleo! I started this to share my love of fossilized wonders with others. I needed an outlet to semi-distract myself and to gather my thoughts. What better way than to share in common interests with strangers in a public manner?

I will use this site to mostly blog about paleontology, sometimes about geology, and extemporaneously post nature/geology/paleo photography into the gallery section. (I’m sorry, but at least it is all in one spot)

My blog posts will alternate between research papers I find interesting, photo blogs (for days I don’t have time), paleo illustrations, and anything else associated with the field that I want to share or talk about more.

As I am still technically a student and not a “expert” there will be linked references where appropriate, links to specific locations or descriptions, and as needed-> corrections with credit given where credit is due. Science is a collaborative effort and there is no need to be cruel about it. Just send me a friendly little hello on the Contact page if something needs to be fixed, give me about 24 hours.

However, if you have a beef with the author of some paper I posted, there really isn’t anything I can do. (I cannot correct another author, only myself.) If you are a compelling scientist and have a paper you would like me to post on my site for a contrasting opinion and to open a friendly debate. I can most certainly do that!


Some general rules about my site:

Be nice! You can debate things, but there is no need to be mean and cruel.
-I can and will use my discretion in deciding what I consider to be ‘cruel’. This is a safe space.

Be thoughtful! I study evolution, do not bombard me with pseudo-science.

No spam! You will be banned.

More rules to follow as needed.